Miss Amy - Amy James: Amy's two children are graduates of Calvary Lutheran Preschool. She loved the nurturing environment of CLP that helped her own kids develop into confident, capable and kind students, ready to tackle the challenges of kindergarten. 

Amy is honored and delighted to be a part of the Calvary Preschool team. As an assistant in the 4s, her mornings are filled with the wonder, laughter and joy that come with the daily discoveries of early learning. 

Miss Kimberly - Kimberly Bailey: Kimberly began working as an assistant in the 3’s program at Calvary Lutheran Preschool after her two children graduated from CLP. She has a degree in psychology and a passion for working with children, so preschool is a wonderful fit for her. Kimberly loves supporting and encouraging children to explore and learn, and she especially enjoys creating colorful artwork with the kids.

Miss Becky - Becky Nelson: Becky joined CLP in 2014 and both teaches and assists at school. Becky brings an understanding of child brain development and a desire to help children reach their potential. Becky is also our resident poultry expert! She helps with hatching chicks in the Spring and even brought ducklings in to school to visit. 

Miss Michelle - Michelle Stansell: Michelle loves teaching the 3 year old classes and has been with Calvary since 2009. Using her experience with students in the Hillsboro School District and her understanding of child development, Michelle share her love of learning with our youngest students. 

Maggie became a teacher at CLP in 2005 after her own children attended the preschool. Formerly an elementary school teacher, Maggie loves the preschool environment and the opportunity to introduce children to school. "When people ask me what it's like to work at a preschool I just tell them: It's joyful! I laugh every single day." Maggie was hired as director in 2014. 

Miss Christe - Christe Fitzsimmons:  Christe Fitzsimmons has worked at Calvary Lutheran Preschool since 2006.  She fell in love with the preschool when her youngest daughter was a student at CLP in 2005.  “I believe each child is unique.  I love to help children develop their own potential by believing in them as capable individuals.  Children have taught me, through their innocence, to have an open mind and heart to the joys of the world.  Working at Calvary has been the most rewarding job I have ever had”.